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[casi] new activists' search engine from "Resist"

I haven't checked this, but it looks interesting.
-Bob Steel

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Subject: (en) Announcing A Google-like Search Engine for Activists!
From: resist admin <>
Date: Tue, April 8, 2003 5:27 am

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The Resist! Collective would like to announce a new search tool for
activists at - Search most of the major activist
web sites, plus many other progressive resources, all from one place!

This unique project provides a fast and comprehensive research tool
focused on activism and radical politics. Finally, there is a search
engine that allows you to find alternative news, analysis, contacts,
events, and other information --- all in the context of the "activist
web". indexes over a quarter of a million web pages across
more than two hundred and fifty sites around the world, and it continues
to grow rapidly. Some major sites already indexed include,,,, and Your
favourite sites may already be indexed, and if there's an activist site
you think belongs in the index, you can let us know at A list of the currently indexed sites can
be found at

Other features of

* It's multilingual!
* Never any corporate banner ads!
* We won't track your searches and invade your privacy --- for
law-enforcement, commercial, or any other reasons --- like google and
other commercial search engines do!

* It's a great way to find vegan and vegetarian recipes from sites such
as and!

* We promise that --- unlike other search engines --- searching for "revolution" won't return results from any game
software developers or business marketing firms!

* We use open-source software to provide features such as:

   - Limiting your search results to one site, or even a domain, for
example all Indymedia sites.
   - Cached pages.  Every page that we index is copied and stored on our
server, so you can still get the information you need even if the
original server is unavailable.
   - A page ranking system to provide relevant results.
   - Searching for sites that link to a page, so that you can find out
who links to your site.

If you run an activist-oriented website and would like to use for your site's search, you can grab a code snippet from to use on your site.

What's the crappiest thing about It's name! We're great
at creating and implementing communications tools for activists but we
suck at giving them cool names. If you like the tool and can think of a
good name for it, let us know at

So check it out and give us feedback: help us make this a valuable
communication tool among us who struggle for justice.

the Resist! Collective


The project is organized by a group of Vancouver-area activists
who form the Resist! Collective. It exists to provide communications
infrastructure resources to those who we identify as allies in the
struggle against capitalism and for a better world.

The project provides email accounts, mailing lists, web space,
domain hosting, news, and other technical services for activists around
the world.

Find out more and the Resist! Collective at: or

Apply for a email account or other services at

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