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Re: [casi] Compensations & Red Herrings.

Dear Bert,

> P.S. My reply to Elga will follow, separately, later on.

Is that a threat or a promise? :)

Either way, I'll accept everything you are going
to say. The last word shall be yours.

You've already made some very good points in this post
on what I called red herrings. I should probably have
said something like unrelated issues. Anyway, I
respect your position and accept your view.

And I apologize for the ferocity of my response. But my
words, many and indigestible as they were, came from
the heart. Here is how I saw it:

You, inadvertently of course, were attacking another
while he was down - down with emotional pain, with
anger, with sorrow... helplessness, and a host of
other feelings. Try to image how you would have
felt if the German army had invaded and raped your
country in 1944 or thereabouts. (I you can't ask
anyone from the countries that were.)

And if the victims are your kin, as is the case here,
you want to remedy the injustice. What's more the
injustice inflicted on the Iraqis is an injustice
inflicted on all of humanity. This has nothing to
do with UN resolutions, legality or any justification.

I spoke up for Hassan because he could never have
said what I said - the attacked never can. I would
have done the same for you or for anyone else.

And this, Bert, is all I am going to say on the
subject - further messages notwithstanding.

Yours as ever,

P.S. I said what I said and it's over. But I never
bear grudges. Do you?

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