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[casi] US Dept of State and human rights in the Middle East ?

Dear List,
>Below is an offer of a contract to NGOs by the US Dept of State. No comment,
except to say it's interesting the State Department
doesn't include Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, Israel or Iran as places to
expoert the US brand of "democracy," philippa

Program Number: 66093
   Title: Human Rights and Democratization Initiatives in the Middle East and
North Africa

   Sponsor: Department of State

   The sponsor provides support for proposals that address programs
   and activities that foster democracy, human rights, press freedoms,
   women's political development and the rule of law in countries with a
   significant Muslim population and where such programs and activities
   would be important to United States efforts to respond to, deter, or
   prevent acts of international terrorism.

   Deadline(s): 05/14/2003 Established Date: 04/01/2002
   Follow-Up Date: 04/01/2004
   Review Date: 04/14/2003

   Contact: Sondra Govatski

   Address: Bureau of Democracy, Human Right & Labor
   DRL/PHD, Room 7802
   Washington, DC 20520
   U.S.A. E-mail: Web Site:
   Program URL:
   Tel: 202-647-9734 Fax: Deadline Ind: Receipt Deadline Open: No

   Award Type(s): Development-Program

   Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution:
   Any/No Restrictions

   Locations Tenable: U.S.A. Citizenship (including U.S. Territories)
   African/South African/Sub-Saharan African Citizenship
   Middle/Near Eastern Citizenship

   Appl Type(s): Non-Profit
   Private Institution/Organization
   Public Institution

   Target Group(s): NONE
   Funding Limit: $0 SEEBELOW
   Duration: 2
   Indirect Costs: Unspecified
   Cost Sharing: No
   Sponsor Type: Federal

   Geo. Restricted: NO RESTRICTIONS


   Proposed programs must address at least one of the following
   specific themes and priority countries. Regional programs that include
   priority countries are also welcome:

   --Support to civil society, with emphasis on political actors and
   advocacy groups that involve women: Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria,
   Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran.

   --Access to information through freedom of the press, freedom of
   speech, and enhanced public awareness of human rights and democracy
   issues: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia.

   --Elections: strengthening institutional capacity, training
   political parties, NGOs and newly elected officials, raising civic
   awareness: Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco.

   --Rule of law with emphasis on civil liberties, governmental
   accountability, and administration of justice: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco,

   Organizations applying for a grant should meet the following
   criteria: Be a U.S. public or private non-profit organization meeting
   the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 U.S.C.
   501(c)(3); Have demonstrated experience administering successful
   projects in the region in which it is proposing to administer a
   project; Have existing, or the capacity to develop, active
   partnerships with in-country organization(s).

   The sponsor anticipates awarding between four to ten grants in
   amounts of $250,000-$1,000,000. Projects should not exceed two years
   in duration. Shorter projects with more immediate outcomes may receive
   preference. Source: Federal Register (04/14/03). Vol. 68, No. 71.
   pp. 17983-84. (cmb)

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