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[casi] more on the destruction of our history

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The members of the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale are deeply
saddened by recent reports about the looting and destruction of Iraqi
Museums in Baghdad, Mosul and other cities. According to one report ca.
170,000 objects have been looted from the Antiquities Museum in Baghdad,
almost the entire collection. The magnitude of such a loss for the fields of
Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Archeology can hardly be overestimated.
Many objects in the museums were still unpublished and could be lost
forever; others are now destroyed and remain available to us only in
photographs and drawings. We appeal to the coalition governments to do
everything in their power to stop the looting and the destruction of
priceless artifacts and to ensure that what still remains is properly
guarded. We also ask that objects that have been taken from the museums will
be retrieved as far as is possible, and that preventive measures will be
taken against trading these objects on the antique markets. We urge all our
members to sign the petition published on the 'Threat to World Heritage in
Iraq' web site:

The Steering Committee of the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale:

Prof. Dr. P. Garelli (Paris, president)
Dr. W.H. van Soldt (Leiden, secretary)
Prof. Dr. D. Charpin (Paris)
Prof. Dr. J. Cooper (Baltimore)
Dr. J. Curtis (London)
Dr. J. Du Toit (Pretoria)
Prof. Dr. A. George (London)
Prof. Dr. D. Homès-Fredericq (Brussels)
Dr. R. Mattila (Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. H. Neumann (Münster)
Prof. Dr. D. Owen (Ithaca)
Prof. Dr. S. Parpola (Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. J. de Roos (Amsterdam/Leiden)
Prof. Dr. K.R. Veenhof (Leiden)
Prof. Dr. R. Vermaak (Pretoria)
Prof. Dr. G. Wilhelm (Würzburg)


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