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Re: [casi] Compensations!

Dear Hassan & List,

Sorry to have to say so, but you really are writing a lot of nonsense, in
saying that the Kuwait war was NOT fought under the UN flag - WRONG, WRONG,
WRONG!!! You then misquote: "using all means". Unless I'm mistaken, it
should be "all neccessary means". However, that might be trivial, the point
is that all neccessary means would mean just that, i.e. including military
means (the UN not being a pacifist organisation).You then contradict
yourself, in saying "Even if we accept that the 1991 was a "legal" war
authorised by the UN..." I think we agree that official Iraq saw Kuwait as a
natural part of Iraq. But, whatever opinions one might have, the historical
facts have to be accepted. Many sources would prove that the UN were
involved. Such as UNIKOM (= United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission),
BBC reports also the United Nations own information, here an example: Press
Release, 27 December 1995. "SECRETARY-GENERAL ARRIVES IN KUWAIT. The
(National Assembly) President pointed out that the invasion of Kuwait by
Iraq in 1990 and its liberation by a multinational coalition 1991 under the
Security Council had been one of the United Nations Success stories."

To leave civilians vulnerable & unprotected in a occupied area is, of
course, disgraceful, as well as being unlawful. But, try telling the
Coalition that they are contravening the letter & spirit of the Geneva
Conventions (I wish you success!)!



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