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[casi] Re: Images from Iraq..

An valid point made in Charley Reese's article for today on whether to
        show or not show images:-

Full article: - Ambivalence Of War

        -It is not the job of journalists to protect the sensitivities of people
        or to participate in American propaganda. Those ugly pictures of young
        Americans, their faces mutilated by bullets and shrapnel, are the true
        face of war. That's what war is: death, mutilation and destruction. Why
        hide from Americans what they wanted? The polls say 70 percent or more
        support war. Well, you should be willing to look at what you support —
        all of it, not just a censored, prettified version of

--Politicians start wars, and I no longer trust American
        politicians to do the right thing. In fact, I'm 95 percent certain that
        a majority of them will do the wrong thing. They waste precious American
        lives and think they can get away with it by uttering that awful cliché
        "our heart goes out to ..." What the hell does that mean? Whether your
        heart goes out or stays in isn't going to the ease the pain of loss,
        restore life or heal the mutilated. After you've sent young people to
        war, it's too late to be sorry when they get killed.---

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