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[casi] Re: Iraq imported chewing gum machines through OFF?

>> What evidence do we have that the missile that hit
>> Shu'ala market did not
>> hit precisely its intended target?

>Because cruise missiles cost a fortune, and the US are
>running out - it's a VERY expensive way to kill about
>60 civilians.
>If there were deliberately targetting civilians, it's
>hardly value-for-money.

Lessee.... They use a missile and need to buy a new one: the (future)
taxpayers shell out and the arms company makes money.  Sounds like a
(Bush) plan to me.
When did Bush ever try to save the US citizenry money? Drinks for all my
friends, barkeep -- just put it on the tab.

This attack may not have been "targetted", but I saw a video clip where
they were bragging about taking out a truck under a bridge, with a
precision munition. We can't expect common sense from these madmen, but
pork is nothing new for US politicians.

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