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[casi] Re:Images from Iraq..

Use  WWW.CAFE-UNI.CO.UK  for news  on the war on Iraq
and other Middle East News

As webmaster of the above site I am grateful to all who have contributed to
the topic of "Images from Iraq".
 This issue has been a difficulty for me, on average I am getting 2800
page-hits per day, how many of them want to see such images? Will it make
them more determined to work harder to stop the war or will it turn them
away from joining us?

I had the same dilemna when I considered adding the Iraq Casualty counter to
the site. In this case I concluded that for people to have good,reliable
information was essential so I added it and it attracts a lot of attention.
Having taken part in many rallies  I have watched Joe Public's reaction to
us, and I feel that when people see horrendous scene of the true carnage
they look away and refuse to accept it. (IMO the other great turn-off for
people is the burning of flags!! ). Such displays push the people away and
we need them to come over and join us or at least listen to our message.
A psychologist who specialises in Trauma thereapy that  I have got to know
through my site suggests that when confronted with images that  show
injured/dead children people go into denial as if to say " this is nothing
to do with me " and will not get involved.

> If photographs are all they are destined to see, those who employ violence
> order to gain their objectives, they are getting off easy.

Yes , I believe they should see and hopefully be shocked into doing
something but  I am not sure it works that way.

Still undecided on this issue,

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