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[casi] Zorba.. I had seen it before, and I knew how it would end

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Dear List,

I have just been watching Zorba. I great movie.. it made weep and smile simultaneously. I had seen 
it before, and I knew how it would end. And the feeling that I had when watching Zorba reminded me 
of the feeling I had when I took a car drive in Baghdad during dawn of the 18 of march. Just few 
minutes after Bush’s speech and after a long sleepless night, I just felt that I needed some fresh 
air and to see my Baghdad for one last time. Driving my car a long the Tigris, I just cold not 
resist seeing the bombs falling, and it made me cry. And I could see it coming just as watching an 
old movie.. I could see the troubles coming, after the bombs, I could see the unrest, the plunder, 
and the lynching. And what made me cry was that I could not do anything about it except packing my 
stuff and taking the last flight out of Baghdad!

I am an old member in the list but this is the first time I write here as I have some urgent 
thoughts that I would like to share with you. I would like to suggest that we redirect our 
attention and energy from trying to stop the sanction to trying to stop the rip-off of the Iraqi 
people. I think that most of you would agree that sanctions will not be an issue within few months 
from now. The coming issue would be how Iraq would be run, who would be running Iraq, how to 
prevent the rip-off of the Iraqi people. Therefore, I suggest establishing an international group 
that would monitor the developments in Iraq and the would work in achieving the following:

1. As the war was not the only way to solve the crisis and to get of the Baath regime, and as it 
was the US (and UK) that unilaterally started the war, the US (and UK) should be held accountable 
for the consequences of the war. And, hence the US (and UK) should:

- be responsible of financing the war and not to be allowed to send the bill to any future Iraqi 
(puppet) government,

- The US should be responsible for financing the rebuilding of Iraq to its pre-war condition, and

- The US should compensate the Iraqi civilians for any negative physical, psychological, and 
financial consequences caused by the war.

2. The Iraqi people earn their right to choose a democratic and independent government.

3. Foreign powers (specifically US and UK) are not allowed to “rip-off” the wealth of Iraq.

Dear friends, Iraqis inside Iraq are tiered, isolated, badly informed, and powerless. They could be 
fooled by chocolate and candy bars, and it is our duty to safeguard their rights until they can 
stand on there own feet. Iraq’s future is being planned in closed rums and I find hard not to 
bother. Therefore, I suggest to form a group aimed at achieving the objectives mentioned above, or 
including the objectives above in CASI.

Looking forward to hear what you think!

Kind regards,
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