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Dear Fay and All,

Fay, I respect your feelings and understand what
you are trying to say. All the same, I agree with
Dermot absolutely. Yes, these are human beings in
extremis. To send these images of horror to MPs
and Mr. Blair, Mr. Bush and so on should have the
the effect of creating horror about what they are doing
in Iraq. And the public should not be spared either.
If the word compassion meant any at all, these would
not be happening now.

I think we can rest assured that the people of Iraq
want this genocide to be stopped. And yes, people
in the "civilized" West should turn away in horror. And
so above all should politicians.

I have seen films of the corpses from Belzen and
Dachau and I was horrified. And this is the is
the same: human being locked in and exterminated
from above.

I apologize for these words, but I feel very upset.

Elga Sutter

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From: "F.Dowker" <>
Subject: Re: [casi] Images from Iraq..
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:12:35 +0100 (BST)

Dear All,
I think care needs

 to be taken with images of death and injury.
They may be dehumanising and counterproductive. These are images
of people in extremis, in hell on earth. We need to make the connection
between the people of Iraq and ourselves in every way. And we want
people to engage with us, not turn away in horror. I have been
inconsistent with this myself: I have a picture of a little girl killed in
1999 by a US bomb in Basra on my website. It is a haunting image --
she is recognisably a dear little human child, perfect in her
grave of dust -- but I'm going to take it off because I can't bear it
any longer, because I don't have permission from her bereaved parents and
because I don't want to shock anyone any more or make them angry.

There are images available, from the Iraq Peace Team for example,
which have been taken so as to give human faces to the
suffering of Iraqi people. They aim not to shock but to elicit

best wishes,

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