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[casi] Will US Congress/Blair wake up?
America the Abused
by Alan Bisbort

March 29, 2003 -- HARTFORD ( -- America right now is like a family
that has been repeatedly brutalized by a drunk. Each morning, they believe
the abusive drunk when he, sober and mournful, says, "I'll never hit you
again... from here on out, I'll be good." America keeps thinking the White
House and its inner circle-to a person drunk on power, if not on other
substances-will be content with this one last outrage.

They think, like the abused wife: "let them steal the presidency, they'll be
good after that; let them plot a war for oil and then look for the
provocation, then they'll stop; let them create their Shadow Government and
hold secret meetings with corporate cronies to plot national policy, and
then they will be content; let them ignore the Constitution and abuse the
Bill of Rights, and that will hold them; let them tap our phones and
eavesdrop on our e-mails and insult our friends and alienate the rest of the
world, and then they will see the error of their ways; let them have their
war, their shock and awe, their murder of civilians and babies, and they
will stop, they will be good...."

Americans know that their government-by virtue of the fact that 90% of the
world isn't just not going along but is in angry and aggressive opposition
to this war-is involved in something truly indecent. Perhaps that explains
why the volume of shouting on the right is so loud, drowning out all voices
of dissent or even moderation. The bullying has gone way beyond patriotic
pride; anecdotes are pouring in from all corners of verbal, and threats of
physical, abuse against those who don't agree with their government or don't
properly pay deference to the bullies. However, if you scratch the surface
of the bellicose rhetoric being hurled willy-nilly by the chickenhawk
warmongers you'll find-not even buried that deeply-a layer of guilt a mile
deep. Like abusive drunks, they are just human beings who know their
behavior is wrong, that it is predicated by an illegitimate power source
that subsists on a diet of lies that make Richard Nixon look like Mister

And yet, when the hatemongers on the radio, liars on TV and suckups in the
print media stop their unbroken chorus of propaganda, the truth will become
so clear so fast that it will be like smelling salts to the cowed populace.
This is the same scenario that occurs when a repeatedly abused wife takes
her children and finally leaves the drunk of a husband, then discovers, to
her amazement, that she can make a full, productive and safe life for
herself and her family without this fear and violence looming over her

The enablers in Congress haven't figured this one out, but the American
people will suss it out soon enough, now that the enormity of the deceit
that got us into this war is being revealed even by the shamelessly
propagandistic mainstream media. The one undeniable truth that underlies all
of this is that Bush and his gang-swollen like ticks on the blood of
Iraqis-will never break out of the cycle of abuse against all that America
once stood for. Like Morrissey's Sweet and Tender Hooligan who says he'll
"never ever do it again... of course he won't, not until the next time."

Bush's invasion of Iraq was presented as a quick action. Get in, bang,
pretend to set up a democracy, bang, get those oil wells pumping, boom,
instant regime change. No muss, no fuss. I promise I'll never hit you again,

And of course he won't. Not until the next time.  pg. nyc

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