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[casi] Blair/Straw charade?

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Dear List:

Blair and Straw publicly insist  that the Palestine-Israel conflict is one of the primary sources 
of Arab/European anger and Muslim rage world-wide.. US has consistently refused to listen to UK, 
its close ally,  and continues unwavering financial support of Israel in spite of Israel's illegal 
WMDs and flaunting of United Nations resolutions. But is this all a public relations political 
charade like so much we are watching in today's Great Game?

This yesterday:

>From Russian Intelligence Report, March 29, 2003:

"Radio communications intercepted during the last five days suggest that the coalition is using 
Israeli airfield for conducting night air strikes against Iraq. Combat aircraft are taking off 
regularly from the [Israeli] Hatzerim and the Navatim airbases do not return to the same bases but 
fly toward the border with Jordan while maintaining complete radio silence.

Possibly these are just Israeli Air Force exercises, However, [Russian] radio intercept and radar 
units observe increased intensity of radio communications coming from the Jordanian air force and 
air defense communication centers during such overflights, as well as changes in the operating 
modes of the US Army "Patriot" tracking radars deployed in Jordan. This indicates the Israeli 
airbases as used as forward airfield or that some of the coalition air force units are based there. 
Normally the IAF F-15I fighter-bombers and A-4N strike aircraft operate from the Hatzerim airbase 
and the F-16 fighter-bombers operate from the Nevatim base.

Experts believe that these airbases may be used by the F-117 stealth bombers "officially" based at 
the Al-Udaid airbase in Qatar. Using these two locations minimizes the risk to the F-117s by 
allowing them to fly along the left bank of the Euphrates (in the direction of Turkey) and to avoid 
the dangerous maneuvering over Iraq."   pg

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