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[casi] Aid and reconstruction figures

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I've been trying to put together some figures for various amounts of aid pledged by various 
So far I've got:

1) UK (DfID): 210m pounds
(120m for DfID's work in Iraq 2003/4; 50m for humanitarian agencies; 40m set aside for further 
contributions to the immediate humanitarian problem)

2) Australia: 100.5m Australian Dollars
(17.5m for unspecified humanitarian aid; 100,000 tonnes of Australian wheat at 38m; 45m for 
handling, processing, distribution)

3) Romania: unknown
Will despatch medical teams, drinking and mineral water, medicine, medical equipment, foodstuffs, 
clothing, shoes, and tents

4) USA: 2.4bn US dollars allocated by budget supplemental for both aid and reconstruction
(Thus far accounted for: 16.3m for stockpiled emergency supplies; 300m for food purchases; 206m for 
humanitarian relief organisations via USAID, (of which?) 60m for WFP logistics, 10m for WHO, 7m for 
IOM (International Organisation for migration, 8m for UNICEF water/health/sanitation, ); 600m for 
construction contracts, which at present have mainly gone to US companies with "security 
clearances") (USAID briefing, 25/03/03)
 (UNDPI humanitarian briefing, 28/03/03)

5) European Union: 100m euros
(from Emergency Aid Reserve, 79m of which still awaits approval by European Council)

6) Canada: 100m Canadian dollars
(of which immediate allocation of 20m to CARE Canada, UN agencies and Red Cross)

7) Japan: approx. 112.53m US dollars (40bn yen), although most, it seems, actually to Jordan
(3.3m for emergency medical activities by Japanese NGOs; 5.03m for advance procurement by UNHCR, 
WFP, UNICEF; 100m to Jordan to alleviate "economic impact" of situation in Iraq; 4.2m to 
Palestinian refugees via UNRWA)

If anyone has any more recent or further information, it'd be very useful.


Mike Lewis
Christ's College
Cambridge CB2 3BU
07712 655130
"We had a great day. We killed a lot of people" - Sergeant Eric Schrumpf, 5th Marine Regiment (NY 
Times, 28/03/03)
"I'm sorry," the sergeant said. "But the chick was in the way."

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