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Re: [casi] Re: The Acceptance of Violence

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And the extermination campaign of native americans, as well as the KKK style
attacks on African-Americans were done by people claiming to be good American
citizens and true patriots.

Currently, the 'good patriots' supporting this invasion of Iraq are talking
about the moral goal of liberating Iraqi civilians from Saddam - and they are
willing to spend billions of dollars and unknown numbers of US/UK lives to
effect that invasion.  Yet few of these people would have supported sending
anything close to that amount in humanitarian aid in the form of money and
supplies, building up water, sewage, energy systems to provide for those very
same Iraqi people without a war - and few are seriously expecting to do it
after a war.  Certainly Iraq's strategic location, muslim population and oil
reserves were a greater motivation for the worth of the war, than saving
Iraqi people from a brutal dictator.

Now some Americans are outraged that dead US soldiers were shown on Iraqi
television and in the Arab media.  Just as some Americans discount 'mass
death' in other countries as not worth US energy to stop or prevent, they
cannot see 9/11 as an experience to make them abhor mass violence in Iraq
because they don't believe that the lives of Iraqi people is as valuable as
that of Americans.  Not even the deaths of women, children, the elderly, male
civilians, are considered valuable - if such innocents die then that is the
'price' of war and it is horrible, but so what?  If one dares to mention that
just as some Americans consider that cheering of planes crashing on 9/11 as
an evil act, perhaps Americans cheering a 'shock and awe' campaign are just
as evil.

How could Bush have convinced so many citizens that bombing Iraq was just?
How can so many people have been so easily able to dismiss the Iraqi loss of
life as 'necessary' to liberate them? I think it is because most of those
same people convinced were raised in a social structure that never valued
those Iraqi lives at all.  "Certain" lives are always expendable, and certain
lives are always 'collateral damage' because they were never really anything
but that for some people.  And they never will be, neither in war or in


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