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[casi] Re: The Acceptance of Violence

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What a powerful presentation at

List members might consider rushing out to
get a copy of American Holocaust by
David E. Stannard, Oxford University Press.
The book documents Americans' history of violence
and carnage as a way of life.  On page 151 we read:
"the total extermination of many American Indian peoples
and the near-extermination of others, in numbers that
eventually totaled close to 100,000.000;"
and "the unique horrors of the African Slave trade, during
the course of which at least 30,000,000--and possibly as many
as 40,000,000 to 60,000,000- Africans were killed".
In the Introduction the author recalls the day that "the Japanese
industrial city of Hiroshima was leveled by nuclear blast;
never before had so many people--and at least 130,000,
probably many more--died from a single explosion."

This is only a sampling of  the carnage that has been committed
by "peace loving" Americans and documented in Stannard's book.

Today the United States possesses bombs and missles that
deliver greater destructive power than the bomb that
devastated Hiroshima, and delivers them upon its victims
"From Great Heights and Long Distances"......Deadly, cold,
calculated, 'bloodless' video game war played by the most
powerful and technically superior military force in the world.

Considering the fact that remorse, guilt or regret for U.S. Crimes
Against Humanity are never expressed by the government, is
it any wonder that the new Bush Doctrine of World Domination
thru military force -- genocidal sanctions, relentless bombings from
"No Fly Zones," pre-emptive wars to overthrow governments
and occupy nations unable to defend themselves against the World
Super Powers' Weapons of Mass Destruction -- is accepted with
considerable apathy, provokes minority dissent across America,
but is cheered, supported and encouraged by vast numbers of
the population and the media?

"Conquests" from mighty Grenada and Panama, to mass destruction
and carnage in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, to U.S. goverment's support
for the methodical genocide of the Palestinians in Historic Palestine,
are simply "business as usual" to the majority of Americans. "Winning"
by "any means necessary" is an American tradition, a matter of
national pride, and "God" is always on "our" side.

nels b
================================================ wrote:

> At the website indicated below, by hitting the 'NEXT' button on the bottom
> right of the page, one can flip through just a few pages of what American
> human rights crimes have gone unpunished and the mindset lurking behind many
> pro-war people. Violence is too easy an option, too acceptable in the minds
> of some people as a choice whenever they are angry, jealous, resentful,
> bitter and especially when they can dismiss the people being hurt as 'not
> like them.'

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