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[casi] Harlem Anti-War March

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The message being distributed for the March is as follows:

Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Supporters: US polls indicate overwhelming
Black opposition to the racist and illegal war of "shock and awe" against the
people of Iraq. People of African descent understand well the US doctrine of
"shock and awe"  terrorism to expand its empire that drips with the blood of
people of color. On April 5th in the historic village of Harlem thousands of
African descendants in the US along with people of color allies will raise
voices in protest against this WAR FOR OIL.

We will debunk the myth that People of Color do not have a visible voice or
presence in the anti-war movement. We will speak to our issues, give our
analysis, and support allies without conditions. This is a historic moment
for the world, and especially for people
of color. It is no accident that African Americans comprise 30% of the 40%
people of color serving as cannon fodder for the US military. A bleak future
of minimum wage employment or the prison industrial complex drives our sons
and daughters into the military. Instead of educating our kids public schools
have become fertile ground for military recruitment while every obstacle is
put in place to prevent our children from obtaining higher education. It is
no accident that New York State's courts have ruled the public school system
has the
obligation to only provide our children with an 8th grade education.

Not to mention the continued daily brutality and death of our young people at
the hands
of the police. If this is not enough, now they want the blood of our children
to fight in the Middle East in a campaign of endless war (Iraq is only the
first target in the region). ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! JOIN US ON APRIL 5TH IN

A Call to All African Americans & People of Color

We must show the world that we stand in opposition to this racist war in

We stand in opposition to a war where most of our children’s bodies will
litter the deserts in Iraq. It is our children who are being sent to kill
others due the economic draft that leaves them without jobs, decent homes,
health care, quality education or protection against police brutality! It is
our children and our families whose human rights continue to be violated by
this racist government and big business.

Join your sisters and brothers in Harlem

Organizer: Black Solidarity Against the War Coalition; Endorsing groups
(partial listing): District Council 1707:Raglan George/Executive Director,
Brenda Stokley/Local 215, Victoria Mitchell//Local 107, Glenn Huff/Local 205,
Norman Taylor/Local 215, Betty Powell/Local 95; NYCLAW; A.N.S.W.E.R.; Muslim
American Society; Al-Awda NY/NJ; The New England Committee to Defend
Women in Islam; Council on American Islamic relations (CCAIR-NY); The Islamic
Circle of North America (ICNA); Defend Palestine Committee; Vieques Support
Campaign; Prolibertad; Harlem Tenants Council; Harlem Fight Back; December
Movement; New York City Chapter of The National Conference of Black Lawyers;
York City Metro Area Chapter of N’COBRA; Patrice Lumumba Coalition; Black
Telephone Workers for Justice; New Jersey State wide Coalition for
People’s Organization for Progress; Black Workers Unity Movement; Blacks
The War, Action for Community Empowerment; Community Justice Center; Cuba
Solidarity New York; The Emergency Committee for Palestine; New Jersey
Solidarity; Monica Santana/Immigrant Rights Activist; William
in Solidarity with Venezuela; Silvia Arana/Latino Collective of WBAI; La
de la Revolucion; NY City MetroChapter of the Black Radical Congress; The
Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition; Valentin Silverio Partido de los Trabajadores
Dominicanos; Carlos Bernales (Peru) Centro Cultural Abya-Yala ; Wilson
Bloque de la Izqierda Dominicana; Luis Barrios Iglesia San Romero NYC;
Peoples Voice Collective; Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE); Folk
Singer & Activist Matt Jones;

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