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[casi] Re: The CASI List and "Sanction Denying"

Dear List (and specifically Mark Parkinson),

I very much appreciated Abi's comments regarding the openness of the
list to different perspectives.  I'd like to make some of my own
comments regarding Mark's most recent post:

> My understanding is that this is a list for those who wish to 'join'
> the campaign against sanctions on Iraq. That makes it much more than
> just a generalised debating forum about Iraq. There are plenty of
> these around if one wants the 'sport'.

Let me be clear - I do not currently belong to "the campaign" against
sanctions in Iraq; I have never been part of any campaign against
sanctions.  I joined this list with the express purpose of better
understanding the anti-sanctions point of view, while (at the same
time) occasionally taking the opportunity to "weigh in" on the current
situation.  If that is "sport", well, then I guess I'm guilty.  I
don't consider it that, however -- I consider this list an important
forum of discussion.

> We also need to be alert to attempts to undermine the anti-sanctions
> movement. We have a huge uphill job as it is. This may be unfair on
> Sama and the IPO but I would tend to be sceptical about the
> funding/support for this new group and the amount of airtime it's
> been getting here in the UK. I also wonder why they subscribe to
this list.

Mark, why did you pull your punch?  If you are going to insinuate that
Sama and IPO are neoconservative/White House/Whitehall/CIA/MI-6 (pick
your flavour) puppets and that they're subscribed to the list in order
to (a) throw a wrench into "the movement's" work, and/or (b) report
back to their government 'masters' on what list participants write,
then at least have the courage to come out and say it plainly.

I assume IPO members subscribe to the list for the same reasons I do
-- self-education and the chance to dialogue/debate/argue
with/convince others.

I thank the list for providing a forum for many different
perspectives, including my own, Mark's and Sama's.


Brian Auten
University of Reading, UK

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