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Re: [casi] deniers

I'll post this message to the list but perhaps we can spare the whole
list from any future exchanges on this issue.

On 28 Mar 2003 at 14:05, Abi Cox wrote:

> If I may say so, I find it deeply depressing that you seriously wish
> people to be banished from the list because they don't follow your
> 'party line' on sanctions. Insofar as she remains civil and
> constructive, Sama just like anyone else should remain a full and
> valued contributor to the list. We could indeed become a cosy list of
> preachers to the converted. We would no doubt feel cosy and happy in
> our self-righteous indignation.

My understanding is that this is a list for those who wish to 'join'
the campaign against sanctions on Iraq. That makes it much more than
just a generalised debating forum about Iraq. There are plenty of
these around if one wants the 'sport'.

Your 'party line' comment above is disingenuous:
>> I heard Sama Haddad say on that program: "sanctions did not kill
>> people ..."
There is a world of difference between blaming SH for sanctions
killing civilians and denying that people are even being killed by

We also need to be alert to attempts to undermine the anti-sanctions
movement. We have a huge uphill job as it is. This may be unfair on
Sama and the IPO but I would tend to be sceptical about the
funding/support for this new group and the amount of airtime it's
been getting here in the UK. I also wonder why they subscribe to this

> But this refusal to engage in dialogue is dangerous and damaging.

I can get the dialogue you're talking about as soon as I open the
front door or go in a pub. It is very much harder for me to hear from
people opposed to sanctions and campaigning against them.

> So
> is the demonising of those who disagree as 'sanctions deniers'.

Labels are convenient. To my mind this label includes people who deny
that sanctions are killing or severely harming large numbers of Iraqi

Madeleine Albright has more respect from me than do Tony Blair and
Geoff Hoon.

Mark Parkinson

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