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[casi] Iraqi army chief Nizar al-Khazraji

Does anyone know about this"  Thanks.

CIA choose Saddam henchman to help in Iraq war planning

uploaded 22 Mar 2003

FORMER Iraqi army chief Nizar al-Khazraji, who disappeared from his home in
Denmark last week, was spirited away by CIA agents and taken to Saudi
Arabia, a Danish newspaper has said.

Khazraji, believed to be the highest ranking officer to have defected from
Iraq and touted by US media as a possible successor to Iraqi President
Saddam Hussein, was reported missing from his address on March 17.

Danish newspaper BT said the 64-year-old former general, who has been
charged with war crimes for alleged chemical weapon attacks on Iraqi Kurds
in the 1980s and was under house arrest in Denmark, was useful to US
intelligence in their war against Iraq.

The paper said he had detailed knowledge of the Iraqi terrain and military
installations and could help plan US and British attacks against the
northern oil city of Kirkuk.

Khazraji headed the Iraqi armed forces during the invasion of Kuwait in
1990. He fled to Jordan in 1995 and three years later applied for political
asylum in Denmark.

In February last year London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat quoted opposition
sources in Syria as saying the US had chosen Khazraji to run Iraq after the
overthrow of Saddam.

At the time of his indictment in Denmark last November Khazraji was about to
leave the country for Saudi Arabia, which had granted him a visa. He has
always denied the charges levelled against him by the Danish authorities.

Khazraji had repeatedly said he wished to go to northern Iraq to participate
in overthrowing Saddam's regime.

"I feel like a lion in a cage locked up in Denmark, when my place should be
with my people and their soldiers," he said in January.

The Danish police are continuing to hunt for Khazraji and have said that if
he is discovered in a foreign country they will ask for his extradition.

Source:  Herald Sun

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