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Re: [casi] a request

Dear Rania & List,

So sorry not to have responded sooner, to meet the deadline for the pro-war

You must have had a harrowing, draining time, almost as if against a brick
wall. Don't we all feel like that, at times? We ask ourselves what we are
doing, and is it really worth it. But to give up the ghost,
to be part of an unthinking silent majority would, surely, be to collude
with those powerful & undermining, destructive forces, which -
for well-considered reasons - we oppose, and not just during this war.

I note, Rania, that you are Director of the Southern Peace Research &
Education Center of North Carolina. It's encouraging to see that a
representative of, no doubt, a very worthy learning institute, isn't too
proud to share some honest, serious queries, on this List.

The views you offered were regarded as little more than hogwash. Dare I say
it, maybe you were casting pearls to swine, metaphorically speaking. Who
knows, though, maybe one day, even in years to come, this pompous columnist
might percieve some glimmerings of the truths that had evaded him throughout
his life. Maybe only when on his deathbed that he'll begin to comprehend the
futility of his previous existence. Am I being too harsh here?

Oh, by the way, Rania, did you ever read this fellow's article? Even if you
feel you'd have better things to do.- Wouldn't the world be dull if
everyone agreed with each other, all the time? However, life has a strange
habit of pelting us with challenges!


Bert Gedin,
Birmingham, UK.

>From: "Rania Masri" <>
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>Subject: [casi] a request
>Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:23:49 -0500
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>Dear friends,
>Yesterday morning, I had the (misfortune) of being cornered for an hour
>a pro-war columnist in the local, main newspaper in Raleigh/Durham (North
>Carolina).  He kept presenting the war in a black and white fashion: either
>you support the “liberation” of Iraq from Saddam Hussein and thus support
>this war, or you are callous towards the suffering of the Iraqis under the
>dictatorship and you oppose the war.  All efforts I made to explain to him
>that this was *not* a war of “liberation” fell on deaf ears.  He was only
>interested in: how would you work to “get ride of him”.  So, I told him
>first to lift the tools of oppression imposed by the US on the people of
>Iraq (i.e. the sanctions, the constant bombardment), and then work to
>empower the people themselves by using life-affirming policies and not
>life-destroying policies.  He regarded this all as little more than
>When I told him that there have been numerous grassroots uprising against
>dictatorships, he said, basically, ‘bull.’
>I would love your advice.  What information should I send his way? (His
>article will run Wednesday, so if any information will be sent, it needs to
>be sent today or early tomorrow).
>Emotionally exhausted,
>We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.
>- Ella Baker
>Rañia Masri, Ph.D.
>Director, Southern Peace Research and Education Center
>Institute for Southern Studies
> <>
>2009 Chapel Hill Rd.
>Durham, North Carolina  27707
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