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[casi] The US and the media...

The "clean" war, where "surgical" hits will be
directed with "precision" using "smart bombs"
continues for the ninth day...

Having been met with surprising resistance, with angry
crowds in Safwan, with Shi'is fighting them in Najaf
and Nasiriya, and with humiliating defeats in battles
with Iraqis, the US/UK have turned their frustration
on the media.

First they bombed Baghdad TV to prevent Iraq from
giving its version of the happenings. They have
declared Iraqi TV a military target, because it is
used for propaganda! Does that make Fox TV, the BBC
and CNN military targets too? Or perhaps Kuwait TV?

Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell criticized Al-Jazeera
Satellite Channel for showing images of US and British
dead soldiers and POWs (though I would have wanted
Iraq to call them "illegal combatants" and deny them
protection under the Geneva Convention).. Suddenly,
images of POWs were a violation of international
agreements, while the killing of civilians is not…
What morals!
Then the web site of Al-Jazeera was brought down
seemingly by spam …

So much for freedom of expression. If they can not
accept even verbal criticism, how are they going to
bring "democracy" to Iraq?? But the Americans are
known to be poor loosers. When they can not face you,
they will burn you. Like Japan, like Vietnam, like
Somalia, like Beirut etc..

Yesterday they bombed al-Ma'moun telephone exchange,
claiming it is being used for military communication.
My family lives close to that exchange, and I can not
reach them by phone anymore. I don't know their fate..

Last night I watched live on satellite TV as the
Telecommunications centre in Baghdad was being
targeted, to prevent Iraq from having contacts with
the world.The lies used to justify these attacks by
the US/UK are pathetic.

Yesterday too, an explosion about 500 meters west of
the Information Ministry sent scores of journalists
fleeing. That is where all the foreign journalists are
located with their dishes and transmitters.. The US/UK
are trying to scare those journalists and force them
to leave, thus preventing Iraq from telling its story.
This way, US/UK war crimes would be covered up.

They don't want us to see the images of the seven
houses destroyed by missiles in Mosul yesterday, where
over 50 died, all civilians... They do not want the
images of the market area in the Al-Sha'ab quarters in
Baghdad to be viewed by us, so we would not see the 15
civilians who died or the tens wounded in the
explosions caused by two US missiles... They do not
want us to see the men, women and children wounded by
the indiscriminate bombing... They don't want us to
see their lies exposed, or their scared soldiers
running away leaving their dead behind... They don't
want us to see their "contactless" bombardment of city
centers, nor the cowardly attacks on buses and cars on
the motorway...

Is this an indication of the kind of Iraq they want to
create after Saddam??

In solidarity

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