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Re: [casi] We are all Iraqis now : Guardian

> We are all Iraqis now

> The unexpectedly stiff resistance mounted by Iraqi >
troops has rolled back decades of Arab humiliation, >
says distinguished Egyptian journalist Hani
> Shukrallah.

Isn't it a shame that non-Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims,
and Westerners oppose the aggression, while some who
call themselves Iraqis want the Iraqi army to
Doesn't Islam demand that you fight for your land and
your home against invaders? Why didn't Iran surrender
in the 1980s to the Iraqi army to "stop the suffering
of civilians, especially in built up areas where there
are so many innocent civilians?"...

It is NOT the officials in Iraq who are fighting... It
is the men and women of southern and central Iraq who
are putting up a heroic stand against the
aggressors... It is especially the Shi'i Muslims of
Iraq, in Nasiriya, Najaf, Shatra, and Kerbala (in
whose name most of those "opposition" groups claim to
speak), that are fighting the aggressors... Perhaps it
is frustration at being left alone, being exposed,
that is behind the defeatist calls of some of those
"British raised" Iraqis...

Perhaps those "Humane" and "devout Muslims" in the
British/CIA funded "opposition" would learn to have
pride in the fight of the Iraqis against an illegal

Perhaps they would stop whining about their inability
to stand up to the regime, and see how
under-nourished, under-armed Iraqis have stopped the
world's strongest army...

Instead of calling on Iraqis to give up their struggle
and surrender, perhaps they could join them in
fighting for their own country, if they honestly
believe it is their country. Or they could learn from
them what courage and sacrifice mean...

And instead of calling on Iraqis to stop fighting,
perhaps they could call on their friends in London,
Washington and Tel Aviv to stop their aggression and
the killing of civilians...

Perhaps they could ask Kofi Anan why he stopped the
oil-for-food program at this critical time?

One could also ask: why doesn't the "opposition"
itself give up its struggle against the regime in Iraq
and thus stop the suffering of its own civilian

But if you want to stay a slave, no one can free

If Blair and Bush want to "liberate" me and my people
and act on my behalf, shouldn't I be allowed to
participate in their election??


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