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[casi] Ivanov bluntly states Russia's distrust

US may 'fabricate' WMD evidence in Iraq: Russia
Press Trust of India
Moscow, March 26

Russia on Wednesday expressed concern that Washington could fabricate
evidence of Iraq allegedly hiding its weapons of mass destruction in an
effort to justify the US-led attack on Baghdad.

Speaking before the Federation Council (Russian Upper House) on Wednesday
Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov cautioned Washington and London that Moscow is
not going to trust their claims of finding evidence of WMD in Iraq.

"Even if the American-British forces report that they have found weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq, the final assessment of their origin can be given
only by international inspectors," Ivanov said.

"No other assessments (WMD evidence) can lead to a final conclusion, this is
the understanding within the framework of the UN Security Council," Ivanov

Earlier, similar apprehensions were voiced by the former deputy chief of the
Russian Defence Staff Gen (retd) Valery Manilov and Iraqi ambassador in
Moscow Abbas Khalaf in the wake of US Gen Tommy Franks and US ambassador
Alexander Vershbow's statements that the US would produce the evidence of
Iraqi WMD.

When asked by NTV channel on Tuesday that coalition troops are inside Iraq
for the fifth day and have not found any Iraqi WMD, the US ambassador
Vershbow said they will soon find this evidence.

Iraqi Ambassador to Russia in an interview to the same channel, did not rule
out the use of chemical or other weapons of mass destruction by the US-led
coalition forces to later pin the blame on Baghdad.,0005.htm

If Bush was capable of shame, he would understand how serious an accusation
is being made.  pg

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