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[casi] Go Army - Beat Iraq!

Dear list,

It wasn't bad enough that someone created a videogame last year glamourising war (specifically one 
aimed at Iraq), but now the Mall is selling "Go Army - Beat Iraq" pins. In addition, they are 
selling bracelets with the date March 19th, 2003 & "beat iraq" printed on them.

The news also showed children being bought these pins by their parents. Children, who have little 
clue whats going on, who are taught to hate. Of course, these are the same parents who buy the 
violent videogames for their kids.. desensitising them to the realities of war and death.

It all gives me the impression that some Americans are looking at this like some.. football match. 
It is not something to sit on the sidelines and cheer about. Unfortunately, US news showed a very 
dwarfed version of the war, so the media could be very responsible for how some are reacting.

I have been following the Greek news that is broadcasted here (daily). Normally, every March 25th, 
we have a celebration in Greece as well as a Greek parade in New York City. This year however, the 
children carried signs against the war. The look on their faces were just heartbreaking as they 
chanted anti-war slogans and were literally in tears. As young as they were in this footage (maybe 
5-7 years old or so?) you could clearly see their compassion.

I'm not saying that American children lack compassion, but since their parents are the greatest 
influence, they (parents) have an opportunity to teach them what peace is. How can a parent put 
such a pin on their child, when - who knows.. one day their child may be sent into war the same way?

I am tired of this dehumanisation. Its gone too far and someone needs to take responsibility to 
prevent future violence.

Anai Rhoads

- - - -

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