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[casi] US denies napalm use. Nevertheless.........

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"BASRA, Iraq (CNN) -- We are with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines in southern Iraq. Obviously the 
focus of the effort here is the oil industry, the oil infrastructure.

There is a lookout there, a hill referred to as Safwan Hill, on the Iraqi side of the border. It 
was filled with Iraqi intelligence gathering. From that vantage point, they could look out over all 
of northern Kuwait.

It is now estimated the hill was hit so badly by missiles, artillery and by the Air Force, that 
they shaved a couple of feet off it. And anything that was up there that was left after all the 
explosions was then hit with napalm. And that pretty much put an end to any Iraqi operations up on 
that hill.  ......"


International Herald Tribune

      Saturday, March 22, 2003

Iraqi border village is the first to fall

SAFWAN, Iraq -

"As the afternoon ebbed away, and the Marines secured their hold on Safwan, a crazed Iraqi man 
drove up to the same checkpoint in another white pick-up. This one contained two Iraqi villagers, 
both severely wounded in the U.S.-British bombardment overnight. One of the men, Mishtaq Thuwaini, 
had suffered horrific burns across most his body. The outer layers of skin had been burned away, 
and they had peeled away from his body like paper wrapping.

Thuwaini lay motionless in the truck, moaning occasionally, as a group of Marines did their best 
with the inadequate instruments at hand. The Marines had outrun their medical care, and help was 
not expected soon.

‘‘There is not much we can do for him up here,’’ one of the Marines said.

And so, after a time, the crazed Iraqi man pulled the truck under a bridge and prepared to spend 
the evening, the two men in a bed in the back. "

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