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[casi] A letter from US on 'Support our Troops'

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The Editor
The Burlington Free Press
PO Box 10
Burlington, VT 05402

To The Editor:

Now the war has begun, we're told we must support the troops. Who does
not support the troops? We all pay hundreds of billions a year to buy
our troops the world's finest, deadliest weaponry, war supporters or
not. My taxes fund the best-supported military the world has ever
seen; I support the troops.

As a nation, we employ the members of our armed forces to defend us
with their lives. In return for this extraordinary service, we owe
them a great deal more than a paycheck. The first thing we citizens
owe our troops is our best and most deliberate judgment before
ordering them into war.

Our government has made a grave error, and has ordered our troops to
blatantly violate international law to wage a forbidden war. Will it
support the troops to encourage them to risk their lives to commit
these crimes? If we accept the illegal mission of our troops in this
war, what is to protect them from future, perhaps worse, abuses?

To support our troops in this time of peril, we must first restore the
rule of law and sound judgment to their employment, as soon as humanly
possible. Anything less would be irresponsible.

James Brooks
31 Frazier Rd
Worcester, VT 05682
802-223-0877 - voice & fax

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