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[casi] Vive l'Irak!

When I left the house on Saturday I saw a colour
photo of Baghad in flames on the front page of the
Globe - an inferno. A huge caption said: 'Assault
staggers Iraqis'.

Later we walked past the House of Parliament. On a
wall around it, people had written anti-war messages.
One message said vive l'Irak! I walked back and read
it again. And felt hopelessly sad - sad for Iraq, sad
for humanity. If Iraq can't live, we won't either -
not as human beings anyway. But Iraq must live again,
will live again.

U.S. marines took down the Iraqi flag in Umm Qasar
yesterday and hoisted the Star and Stripes. The British
explained that this wasn't done. So they took it down
again. Is that the kind of sensitivity they hope to win
hearts and minds with?

At the home games of the Montreal Canadiens fans booed
when the U.S anthem was played. The Conservative leader
said the booing was regrettable but he understood. But
I have heard no word about the brutality of this 'shock
and awe' attack, either from politicians or from the media.

If government leaders really felt as concerned as they make
out, they'd have closed down their embassies in the invaders'
countries. Diplomatic sanctions - total isolation. That's
what these megalomaniacs deserve, and more...

Vive l'Irak!

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