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[casi] shock and awe

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I have written to Tony Blair and a few other MPs to express my disgust
and outrage at the so-called 'shock and awe' bombing.

Even British journalist in Baghdad were saying, including Martin
Nichols, a veteran journalist from the Vietnam war, that there was
nothing like it.

I saw the pictures. These actions are barbaric and inhuman. They are
unwarranted. The USA has said that the bombings used the full
MOABs, cruise missiles and goodness knows what.

I have watched war experts oozing with war mongering zeal at the reality
of Anglo saxon war mongering military supremacy.

I have heard of white males gorging at pictures of bombing in the
tabloids relishing the 'wog bashing.' Most don't even pretend otherwise.

It is disgusting. It is uncivilised. It's racist 'wog bashing' so
beloved of Anglo saxon imperialism.

This 'shock and awe' is to put cold fear into the hearts and minds of
peoples living in poor countries. So that the rich US imperialists can
dominate the world.

This is a Labour government, a Labour Prime Minister and remember Labour
MPs voted for this racist 'wog bashing.' This is nothing new. The Labour
Party has always been propped up by racism. It is a party fit for
imperialism (see Robert Clough's book by the same name).

Hardly anyone in Britain is facing up to the racism rampant in this war.

The people of Iraq may be facing the barbarism of indiscriminate bombing
and humanitarian disaster, but they have the moral superiority over
their enemy. Morals can't be bought for money or military supremacy.

Those that have lost moral superiority are ultimately doomed.

Lila Patel

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