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[casi] Chirac rejects Blair's demand for a new Resolution

Dear List,

Has anyone read about that new UN Resolution that the
Blair/Bush brothers want? Apparently Blair broached
the subject at the EU summit in Brussels (Friday?),
speaking for his master.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, Blair was asking
for a new Resolution to set up a civilian government in Iraq.
He wants to bring Iraq under a UN mandate - and the invaders
would administrate it. (Recreating the past: Iraq 1915?)
Blair was also talking about the revenue from the oil
sales, and that (escrow) account in New York. He and Bush
agree on this, he said. It seems they want access.

Chirac rejected the idea. A new UN Resolution bestowing on
the US/UK the administration of Iraq would be an implicit
[UN] approval of the unauthorized attack - after the fact.
Secondly, there never was any talk about economic reconstruction,
and to talk about it now while the US/UK are still in the process
of destroying Iraq seems premature, he said. And lastly, the
Iraqi oil (and the income from it) belongs to the Iraqi people.

Spot on, M. Chirac!

Apparently, the invaders want some kind of moral fig leaf.
Besides, if the UN handed them Iraq on a platter, it would
be hard to argue that the attack was in violation of
international law.

It's all very disgusting: While they are raining missiles on
a defenceless Iraq, they are already lusting after the spoils.

And what will be the next Blair/Bush move? Go ahead without
the 'irrelevant' UN?

Elga Sutter

P.S. I still haven't got over the initial shock. And I
don't want to follow the process of destruction. So I am
trying to stay away from the mainstream news in any form.

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