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[casi] Statement Regarding the US Attack on Iraq

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TransAfrica Forum News

Statement Regarding the US Attack on Iraq
By Bill Fletcher, Jr., President of TransAfrica Forum
Many of us have friends and family serving in the Persian Gulf.  Some of
those individuals are in direct combat.  To them we offer our prayers, hoping
for their safe return.    Were it not for the recklessness of the Bush
administration, and the arrogance of its new National Security Doctrine, we
would not be in a situation of desperate hope for the safe return of our
loved ones.  The Bush administration has brazenly decided upon a course of
action that breaks international law by adopting a perverse notion of
preemptive war.  The notion of a preemptive assault as applied by this
administration in a situation where there has been no evidence of a threat to
the United States or to Iraq’s neighbors is aggressive and dangerous.  It
places the United States on a collision course with most of the rest of the
world.  Instead of political analysis, the Bush administration is advancing
fortune-telling, that is, predicting what a certain leader might do in the
future if they obtain certai!
n weapons.  Using that ‘logic’ this planet could annihilate itself in a
never-ending search for potential threats.
It is critical to recognize that the African world faces grave threats as a
result of this war.  The Bush administration attempted to bully various
countries—such as Angola, the Cameroon and Guinea—into supporting it in the
United Nations (UN), and it is now being reported that the USA is taking a
similar tack concerning upcoming UN discussions which might result in a
condemnation of the US aggression.  This attitude of contempt for the rest of
the world can be understood from any reading of the National Security
Doctrine.  The aim of the Bush administration is to consolidate and dominate
a global capitalist empire.  Anyone opposing this march to barbarism is, in
the words of today’s press, decapitated.
It is critical that African Americans speak up against this gross and immoral
war.  Opposing the war privately does not support our troops.  It certainly
does not help the Iraqi civilians who have been suffering for 12 years, and
will continue to suffer with this war.  Opposing the war privately will not
stop the Bush administration as it attempts to condemn opponents as
The dangerous agenda of the Bush administration will be stopped only through
public outrage and activism.  We, people of conscience, must step forward and
insist that we will not be a party to aggression; we will not be a party to
breaking international law.  We want security but we realize that security
does not come as a result of empire building and naked aggression.  It
results from building cooperation between the nations and peoples of this
planet.  It begins, indeed, with mutual respect, a concept that seems quite
alien to the Bush administration.


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