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[casi] "UN must lift sanctions-" Russia

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(Russia seems to be insisting on going back to UN)

calls by some Duma deputies that Russia renounce the UN-imposed
economic sanctions against Iraq, Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said
categorically that the sanctions were put in place by the UN Security
Council and may only be lifted by that body, RIA-Novosti reported on
20 March. The main condition for lifting the sanctions is Iraq's
disarmament, which must be verified by international inspectors,
Ivanov said

And also, same source: a warning to Bush:

Major General Vladimir Slipchenko,
a noted military analyst, commented that the U.S. military is a full
technological generation ahead of the rest of the world, including
Russia, ORT reported on 20 March. Slipchenko said this advantage
should enable the United States to conduct a "contactless" war,
meaning that it will be able to destroy the Iraqi military at
considerable distances and largely avoid direct engagements.
Slipchenko also said that the Iraqi military's greatest weakness is
its senior commanders. Under any totalitarian regime, he said, there
is a lack of people who are able to think independently and
creatively. Major General Aleksandr Vladimirov, vice president of the
government's Collegium of Military Experts, said the United States
demonstrated its overwhelming military superiority during its
campaigns in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and, now, Iraq. These
demonstrations have "frightened many countries," which are now making
intense efforts to boost their military strength.

 Russia, Vladimirov
said, has one unique advantage in that it can still destroy the
United States within 20 minutes with a massive nuclear strike, ORT
reported on 20 March.

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