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re: [casi] some virus problems

Dear Richard & List,

I have not only been viruses, but also getting spammed by radical anti-war groups (there anti-war, 
and then there is insane-anti-war).

To add to that, a group has passed on my personal e-mail (sold presumably) to investor groups who 
have sent me "tips" on how to gain money from the war. Its disgusting that anyone would spend any 
amount of time plotting the market when innocent people are dying.

I have not bothered to unsubscribe, as you may well know doing so may cause more spam. I have 
however, gone to and clicked on "registry whois database" and reported 
them to their host. The more complaints a host receives regarding abuse and spam, the more likely 
their little operation will be shut down.

As for the viruses, the headers and the sender can be faked. The best thing to do is not reply or 
shout at the sender. The viruses I have been getting - others get from me, yet I never sent any. 
Its a very clever virus.



Dear all
someone has been hacking around various anti war email lists and actoivists
accounts and sending junk emails in the hundreds to lists, someone did this
with my account the other day, i think because they got into my account and
did it direct
However, I did find a virus on my computer, see details below.
You can get it fixed using AVG Virus software, available from
So it would be wise to check your virus status

>i've virus checked my computer and found 1  I-worm/Nimda.E virus, which my
> Virus softwae said it couldn't heal but it could put safely in a virus
> vault.
> I-worm/Nimda.E is a new version of W32.Nimda.A@mm [1]
> Amongst other things, the worm creates the guest account with
> privileges ; this would allow anyone to access your machine (unless you're
> behind a firewall). It should also be fairly easy to modify the virus and
> have it drop a worm that does other things, such as emailing blank
> to one specific list.

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