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[casi] Fw: Demonstrations against the war

Last one for the night - honest!


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Subject: Demonstrations against the war
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 14:21:50 -0000
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When War Starts


It now seems certain that the attack on Iraq will commence in the early
of tomorrow - unless it starts today. Even though it is now clearly too late
to stop the war it is not too late to register a protest at the illegality
it, and express our anger at the hijacking of democracy and the mugging of
the rule of international law. Please join us:

On the day the war starts, if you are in London head for Parliament Square
6pm; if you are elsewhere head for the town centre. You may be able to find
further details of what's happening in your local area on - this applies to London, too, e.g
Enfield STW is mounting a demo at 5pm for an hour on the corner of the A10
and Southbury Rd before joining the main protest in central London.

On Saturday there will be another mass march just like the one 5 weeks ago,
i.e. starting at 12 noon from the Embankment and Gower Street and ending in
Hyde Park. It may not be as big due to the short notice, but be there if you

The Enfield Peace Coalition will also assemble at Our Lady & St George in
London Road, Enfield with facilities for parents with children and the not
so able, if war is declared.  A protest can be mounted on the church steps
and facilities, together with refreshments are available in the parish

Please assemble at 6pm the same day if war is declared before 4pm, otherwise
please assemble at 6pm the following day.  It is envisaged that the action
be for about one hour.

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