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[casi] USA plans are clever but self distructive.

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If US (Bush) continues to disturb world peace it may have to sacrifice all it's country men for 
drunken decisions being planned by US chief. He (Bush) has already ruined the US economy and the 
Fame the US used to have in the 1990's.

Attacking Iraq US is making two contradicting stories.

Here is the explanation.

1)  Iraq possesses weapons of mass destructions so it needs to be attacked.

2) Iraq has no good weapons so we can win the war within a week.

Above two statements are quite contradictory.

Below are the reasons given by USA.for attacking Iraq.

1) It is planning to make weapons of mass destructions.

--- US already possess more weapons of destruction than Iraq possesses so according to this rule US 
needs to be brought under justice.

2) Iraq people do not like Saddam so it needs to be ousted.

--- Reality is 90% of the Iraq people are in favor of Saddam well USA wants to kill those 90% and 
make a Govt for rest 10%.

3) Iraq is a dangerous country.

--- Iraq only fought with Quait and thereafter it has done no attack to any other country. However 
looking at history World will find US is biggest threat to world. It has been involved and is the 
prime reason for all wars taken place.

4) USA will gain from Iraq war.

---- It is just a dream because in USA is in Nuclear range of many known and unknown countries. And 
they are just waiting for appropriate time to attack US. If WTC killed US people in 1000's these 
missiles will kill millions of US innocents in the hands of a few greedy politicians.

5) Iraq disobeyed United Nations.

--- Reality is USA is not going in accordance to United Nations. USA have made dangerous weapons. 
Both Nuclear Chemical and biological which will surely going to eliminate whole of USA in near 

I think USA being a stubborn country will make no notice of my statements. But I am sure that USA 
will meet it's end according to my prediction about the global politics and technological vision.

US will surely win the Iraq war but it will be a switch pressed for destruction of US people, 
society & economy.

It happens when a monkey gets a gun It first kills others then kill himself.


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