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[casi] A little hope for a peaceful future...?

Dear List,

Tonight I remembered a brief conversation I had with a
young man in a store a few weeks back. I may seem trivial
but it gave me great hope then, and it gives me a little
hope now. So I am going to share it.

We'd chatted about weekend plans. Then I asked him if
he sometimes thought about the world as it is now. Not
very often, he admitted. He knew what I meant. But it's
hard to avoid, he said, it's on TV all the time. So...?
Sometimes war is necessary, he said firmly. I waited...
Suddenly he became animated: I am against this war, he
said, and told me why.

The Americans are pushing Iraq around, he said. They
are demanding, threatening without giving them a
chance... without considering their position. We are free
here, and we must let other people be free too. In other
places things may be different, but we must give people
a chance...

I don't suppose this young man knew much about the
background, let alone the sanctions. All he knew what
he had seen on TV in the last four months or so: the
charade with the inspectors, Bush, Powell... the war cries.

But his own values had survived the brainwashing: he
believes that if you want to claim freedom, you must let
others be free too. Today so many ignore this simple truth.

One day this young man will have children, and he will
teach his children the same. And many more young of today
will instill in their children an abhorrence of war - and
tolerance. So perhaps this world will survive the Bushs,
the NeoCons, and global corporatism. And if we look far,
far ahead, we may get a glimpse of a peaceful future...

At least I hope that our children's grandchildren will
have created a world where atrocities like the ones
inflicted on the people of Iraq are unthinkable.

We have only one way to go... or stay in the pit.


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