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Re: [casi] the "coalition" - more thoughts

At 09:32 19/03/03, Cathy Aitchison wrote:

>Having looked more closely at the State Department press briefing
>(extract below) - is there some way of getting more info from some of
>the listed countries, ie. what *exactly* they said/promised, in order to
>stop this myth of a 'solid 30 countries behind the US plans' getting too
>firmly entrenched in the media and so becoming fact?

Good idea, Cathy, however with the collusion of the media (and just wait
until the bombing actually starts - the Lib Dems position is indicative:
support our boys) they won't be asked for *proof* of their statements. We,
as usual, will be expected to state chapter and verse, and not given the
time to do so. That's not to say that it's not a good idea.

This is why (restating my suggestion from earlier which probably got lost
amongst the nonsense),  in order to stop them framing the debate, to insist
that they're referring to "governments" rather than *countries*. Most of
the planet seems to be against this war.

Having said that, we should, of course, be looking for something more solid
behind the scenes for when the opportunity arrives.



>State department briefing 18 March
>Mr Boucher is the spokesperson (Richard Boucher)
>QUESTION: Did -- I assume that you asked everybody in the world whether
>they were willing to go on this list, and therefore you had 160
>rejections, were there?
>QUESTION: How many did you ask, then?
>MR. BOUCHER: We asked a number of countries that we knew were involved
>or potentially involved. I don't have the exact number, but I think the
>fact that you have this many countries that want to stand up and
>associate themselves with the effort at this point and that, as you
>know, there are others who are taking steps and doing real things to
>contribute to the effort to disarm Iraq is significant.
>QUESTION: If any country in the world said, "We want to be listed," you
>would not turn them down for any reason?
>MR. BOUCHER: I suppose we would at least -- we would want to see that
>there was something on their part that merited inclusion, and I think
>all these countries have something that merits inclusion.
>QUESTION: Let's get it straight. You said some of them only -- were only
>listed because they wanted to be associated publicly with this.
>MR. BOUCHER: And had an intention -- were either involved or had an
>intention of participating in the future.
>QUESTION: That's not what you said, really.
>QUESTION: But you have no other country --
>MR. BOUCHER: I think I said those things, yes.
>QUESTION: -- no other country --
>MR. BOUCHER: Let's slow down.
>In message <036b01c2ed91$deda6250$7600a8c0@yourgzbq1hqzjr>, Voices UK
><> writes
> >,,30000-12271382,00.html
> >
> >
> >Some 30 countries are backing America in its war against Iraq.
> >
> >The US State Department released a list of the those countries who are in
> >the Coalition for the Immediate Disarmament of Iraq.
> >
> >Britain is included as is Turkey, which has yet to give the US permission to
> >use its military bases.
> >
> >Secretary of State Colin Powell said he was confident Turkey would allow US
> >forces to use its terrirtory to attack northern Iraq.
> >
> >Japan is the only country added which says it will only help after the war.
> >
> >Afghanistan, which was the last country to be attacked by the US when it
> >sought to expel the Taliban, is also included.
> >
> >The full list of countries:
> >
> >Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech
> >Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia,
> >Hungary, Italy, Japan (post conflict), South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania,
> >Macedonia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia,
> >Spain, Turkey, Britain, Uzbekistan

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