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[casi] indict

I came across their web site last year. I emailed them but no reply
at all of course.

I don't remember Ann Clywd saying anything at the time about Halabja.
I do remember Scottish MP George Galloway strongly protesting against
the Iraqi government at the time. Look at how most of the papers have
crucified George Galloway for his opposition to sanctions and now the

I suspect that Ann Clywd will get some reward for her endeavours -
perhaps in the next reshuffle.

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From:                   Mark Parkinson <>
Subject:                iraq
Date sent:              Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:15:56 -0000


I came across your web site today.

I am worried that this organisation is simply part of the US/UK
campaign against Iraq -  often used to prevent a peaceful settlement
in Iraq and to help justify the terrible sanctions and war.

Some concerns:

1)      You do not call for an international court of justice (the US does
not want one - for obvious reasons)

2)      You call instead for a 'special' tribunal which will only
investigate crimes committed by selected people against the people of
Iraq (the worst criminals- the US/UK -  will get away scot free)

3)      US/UK war and sanctions have killed far more Iraqi civilians
(especially children) than SH and his regime

4)      US/UK politicians and officials (eg 661 committee) ought to be
liable to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity

5)      The US/UK have contaminated Iraq with depleted uranium AND
prevented investigation and support for Iraq

6)      Water supplies were deliberately targetted by the US/UK in the
Gulf War

7)      The US/UK have deliberately killed & harmed Iraqi civilians by
preventing the Iraqi government repairing its water treatment and
power facilities

8)      Indict has accepted money from the US/UK Governments. This is
'dirty' money from governments which have knowingly killed hundreds
of thousands of Iraqis

9)      Indict makes no mention on its web site of the genocidal sanctions
(Denis Halliday resigned from the UN in protest at these genocidal

10)     Do you not agree that it would be wrong if the US/UK could get
away with this? That they should at least stand trial?

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Mark Parkinson

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