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[casi] Indict

A board member of Indict is Peter Galbraith, former US
Ambassador to Croatia. It is believed that Galbraith
gave a green light to Croatia's leader Franjo Tudjman
to carry out 'Operation Storm' which in 1995
ethnically cleansed the entire Serbian population of

>From Slate

In 1995, Tudjman again showed his talent for limiting
his brutality just enough to get away with it. That
summer, he invaded the Krajina, the Serb area captured
by Milosevic in 1991. The 200,000 Serb residents fled
to Serbia rather than fight. Tudjman punctuated the
arguably justified invasion with a vicious exclamation
point. He had his troops burn down 70 percent of
Serbian houses, passed laws to confiscate Serb
property, and allowed gangs of Croat thugs to murder
the few elderly Serbs who remained. "What he did after
the invasion was inexcusable," says Peter Galbraith,
then U.S. ambassador to Croatia.

But the invasion clearly was 'excusable' as far as
Galbraith was concerned (and 200,000 is a gross
underestimate, the real figure is nearer 400,000). So,
if Anne Clwyd is looking for someone to put on trial
for ethnic cleansing, she could start by looking
across the table at the next board meeting of Indict.

Gerard Killoran

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