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Re: [casi] See men shredded, then say you don't back war


" INDICT was established in late 1997 to campaign for
the creation of an ad hoc International Criminal
Tribunal - similar to those established for the former
Yugoslavia and Rwanda - to try leading members of the
Iraqi regime on charges of war crimes and crimes
against humanity, including genocide and torture. The
campaign was launched in the House of Commons and in
the US Senate and remained dependent on voluntary
donations and assistance until it was awarded a
financial grant through the Iraq Liberation Act,
passed by the US Congress in December 1998, which
allocated funds to various Iraqi opposition groups and
specifically allocated money for war crimes issues."

Ms Clwyd (who chairs INDICT) told MPs on February 26,
2003: "I believe in regime change, and I say that
without any hesitation at all, and I will support the
government tonight because I think it's doing a brave

So, it becomes natural that Ann Clwyd would support
war: that is what the CIA pays her to do..

Would she care about the oppressed Shi'i in Saudi
Arabia? Or perhaps the Kurds in Turkey? Or maybe the
Catholics in Northern Ireland?

And would Ms Ann Clwyd, the Labour MP for Cynon
Valley, think that sanctions are a form of genocide,
as was declared by UN officials who resigned in

But when a person accepts to be bought by intelligence
agencies, he or she looses all pretensions of decency,
and becomes nothing more than merchandise...


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