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Re: Re:[casi] Memorable quotes: 'the white hope'

Dear Hassan,

I am extremely grateful to you for your comments and information. If you
could recommend any sources where I might find out more about this passage
in Iraqi history, I would be very much obliged.

Being extremely busy in mobilising people for the London demo and related
tasks, I haven't time right now to write a considered response. I would want
to explain what I mean by "national, democratic revolution", and why this
definition does not imply an endorsement of or identification with the
policies of the government or any tendency within it, especialy the
Stalinist Iraqi CP, and does not exclude taking full account of the errors
and mistakes and indeed the crimes of this government which contributed to
the undermining of this attempt at self-determination. Maybe the adjectives
"incipient", "abortive", "stalled" could be inserted to qualify the term.
But the essence is that the pro-British neo-colonial set-up was overthrown
in a rebellion which was initially extremely popular, and key tasks of the
national and democratic revolution were addressed, however inadequately -
especially land reform, nationalisation of oil; and all this in the context
of anti-colonial revolutions. This is why I continue to interpret 1958 as
when "nation-time" arrived for Iraq.

As Che Guevara said at that very historic moment, and as was confirmed
positively by the Cuban experience and negatively by the Iraqi experience
"the revolution will be socialist, or it will be a caricature of a

best wishes to you and your people

John S

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