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[casi] Reselect your Labour MP website set up

Press Release
 March 17th 19:40

New "reselect your Labour MP website" set up on eve of war

If Labour MPs get the chance to vote on George Bush's planned Iraq war, they
may be casting a wary eye at a new website set up to
help Labour Party members deselect their MPs.
The website, which includes headings such as  "How to reselect and deselect
a Labour MP",  "Tony Blair's techniques of deceit " and "MPs' positions on
war - the full list", has been established by Dr Glen Rangwala, the
Cambridge University professor who unearthed Downing Street's infamous dodgy
intelligence dossier

The section on Tony Blair's techniques of deceit has 4 headings.
1. Portraying inspections as ineffective.
2. Using falsified documents to make claims about Iraq's weapons.
3. Falsely claiming that speculative information is derived from
intelligence sources.
4. Ignoring international commitments

In many constituencies the reselection process is already going on. Barabara
Roche, MP for Hornsey and now Minister of State of the Office of the Deputy
Prime Minister faces deselection later this week.
Oona King narrowly survived a deselection vote a week ago, and then only
because she won union support on the basis that there would be a UN mandate
for an Iraq attack, which now appears not to be the case.

To speak to Dr Rangwala call 01223 335759/ 07880 665731

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