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[casi] Vulnerable but ignored: how catastrophe threatens the 12 million children of Iraq

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I've read a few articles - this included that allude to the wonderful state of Iraqi healthcare 
before the Gulf War.

Hmmm, before the Gulf War, WITH SADDAM IN CHARGE, healthcare for ALL.  AFTER Gulf War, Saddam still 
in charge, but WITH SANCTIONS, millions are dying.

Sounds to me like the lie about this being Saddam's fault doesn't stand up to scrutiny (common 


Before 1990, Iraq's health care system was the pride of the Middle East and was described by the 
World Health Organisation as "first class". The ensuing Gulf War and sanctions have crippled the 
healthcare system causing death rates of children under five to double over the past decade with 70 
per cent of deaths caused by easily avoidable bowel diseases and respiratory infections.

Despite grave concerns at the highest levels, UN agencies are unable to prepare for an emergency 
that has yet to happen without being accused of clearing the way for war. The World Food Programme 
is preparing to feed up to one million Iraqis for at least three months, but once the shooting 
starts it will have to pull out its expatriate staff.

Iraq's civilian population of 22 million is particularly vulnerable. Some 16 million – half of 
them children – are totally dependent on monthly government-distributed food rations. The last 12 
years of sanctions and corruption within the regime mean that few if any families have stockpiles 
of food to get them through a war of any length. The World Food Programme supplies basic 
foodstuffs, but deliveries are left to the Iraqi government and a bombing campaign that destroys 
bridges over the Euphrates and Tigris rivers will stop distribution in its tracks.<<

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