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Re: [casi] ... And why I will not

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In a message dated 03/13/2003 5:22:54 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> the left sticks to its principles of opposing America even to the detriment
> of the aspirations of the people concerned. Recent examples are the
> republics of former federal Yugoslavia, Kosovo, East Timor (Indonesia) and

I would hope that those of you who critique the antiwar, propeace movement as
a single entity would knock it off.  We are not some monolithic entity and
your suggestion that we are missing the human rights issues in the countries
concerned is an example of a general lack of insight. And as to the claims
that this movement stems from "embarrassment" I don't even know how to
respond to this.

There are those among us who abhor violence and refute the notion that
violence can be solved by more violence.  I am all too aware of the suffering
of the oppressed in Iraq, Palestine, and elsewhere.  But this suffering will
not be alleviated in an acceptable fashion by killing those who suffer or
even those who cause this suffering.  Real solutions will only be arrived at
when we admit to ourselves that "evil" is a scapegoat and understanding is
the cure.  SH is a bastard for a variety of reasons.  I would rather see him
healed and sleepy, not murdered.  When we suggest that solving the problem of
violence with more violence is acceptable we become that which we struggle

When you write about the "peace movement" you are writing about me.  If you
want to know what I think, then ask me, don't assume.  When you write about
the peace movement you are also writing about tens of millions of others all
who come to the table with different ideologies and from different starting
points, don't lump us into a single category or single mindset.  To do so is
disingenuous and is helpful for nothing except taking up space and stroking
our keyboards.

By the way, Afghanistan is a shit storm according to the international press.
 I would hardly use that as an example of a successful intervention.  The
thousands of innocents who have already been killed there would probably not
agree with you either, alas they are unable to respond.  The cluster
bombletts that sit on the ground waiting for a child and the DU seeping into
the water and the plants will leave a story to tell for years to come.  Of
course the pipeline which is awaiting construction tells another story!

I refute the notion that we can liberate the people of Iraq with violence.
We must lift the economic sanctions whilst ending the proliferation of
weapons, the US is the leader in the sales of weapons, 45% globally.  The
people of Iraq will liberate themselves if that is their choice, but they
must be strong to do this.  The people of the world have always liberated
themselves throughout history!  WE outside Iraq can bring pressure to the
regime in various fashions that do not involve murder.  It has been done
before, it will work again.  We must not punish the citizens but work to
change the leadership, peacefully.  We will do the same in the US when enough
wake up and see the corruption of the system by the corporations.

Peacefully yours,

Roger Stroope
Austin College
Sherman Texas, USA

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