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Re: [casi] A Clarification - medal of honor,etc.

Dear all

To clarify why I sent this: I did so in the same vein that
many of us report things and views we disagree with to the
list: so that we know what we are up against.


On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 20:32:28 -0500 " Tom Nagy, Ph.D."
<> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
>    Thanks to  Gabriel and Voices for contributing a stream of humane, reasoned
> and evidence-based judgments. .
>        . While I don't question the right of Eric and his pal to make strong
> claims or counter-claims, I do not understand how their strong claims, e.g.,
> their  trashing Scott Ritter or Charlie (Angelo) Liteky or anyone else,  
> contribute rather than detract  from reasoned discourse absent  evidence or
> replies  to competing claims. In light of their passion, would it not be  
> reasonable, for example, if they responded to critiques at least  after a couple
> of years?
>         I do respect much of Eric's work, but providing this list  with  strong,
> but  unproved, instantaneous rebuttals from his friend do little to advance my
> understanding of  and efforts to help avoid the killing of even more   civilians
> than in the 1991 slaughter.  Yes, that Desert Storm  killed "only "3,000
> civilians  directly,  but by  destroying the electrical system of Iraq, led to
> the indirect though  eminently predictable  and even inevitable short term  
> deaths of 100,000 civilians and a doubling of the infant mortality rate due to
> the resulting contamination of the water system of Iraq. See the U.S. Air
> Force's  "Contributor's Corner"  in their journal "Air & Space Power Chronicles,
> May, 2001.
>      Finally, I feel based upon the evidence provided in sources such as M.
> Nagler's
> "Is there no other way" that the best way to preserve the lives of civilians
> such as Kathy Kelly and Charlie Litkey and 22 million Iraq's is to use what
> remains of our constitution rights to advocate on their behalf and remind the
> U.S. Government and the Air Force of Article Six of the Constitution which
> states that International Law to which the U.S. is bound trumps state law,
> federal law and even the Constitution itself. And that it is the near unanimous
> consensus of international lawyers that the US is bound under customer law to
> obey Protocol 1, Article 54, Par. 2 which assert that it is forbidden under any
> circumstance to attack, destroy or render useless infrastructure indispensable
> to the survival of civilians including  water systems. This provision applies
> even to the U.S. which never has signed and ratified it, because 150 states
> have.
> .
> Sincerely,
> Tom
> Voices UK wrote:
> > Dear Eric and other List Members,
> >
> > Yes it's the same guy - as a moments search on the internet would have
> > ascertained (see eg., which contains an
> > interesting piece from the SF Chronicle about how Charles returned his Medal
> > of Honour to protest the United States' dirty wars in Central America during
> > the 80's) - he's out in Iraq with Voices US.
> >
> > Of course, the claim that he is a 'pro-Saddam appeaser' is garbage. I
> > appreciate that these are not your comments but those of your 'source'
> > (whose name and telephone number appear at the bottom of your e-mail by the
> > way) but it seems a shame that this sort of mud-slinging should appear on
> > the list when Charles is - not for the first time - risking his life for
> > others. Warrior or no, Charles' actions' seem a hell of lot more heroic than
> > dropping bombs on people from a great height.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Gabriel
> > voices uk
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