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[casi] film about the International Peace Mission 2002

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Hello all,
this film may be of interest to those who want to learn more about the Iraqi situation today. It is 
a report on the activities of the International Peace Mission in april 2002, organised by SOS Iraq 
Dirk Adriaensens.

Iraq from one war to another

a movie by :

Béatrice Pignède and Francesco Condemi

The threat of a new war against Iraq is detailed each day with more precisions. The US president 
has even announced he might use "mini-nukes" (mini nuclear weapons) against a country which is now 
known as part of an axis of evil.

But what do we actually know? And what is at stake in these wars against Iraq?

Many doors which would otherwise have remained closed open before a delegation of 120 "peace 
inspectors", mostly from Europe, but also from north Africa, moved by an appeal launched on the 
internet. Two british and french veterans from the Gulf war, who since then have left the military, 
permit us to penetrate the double wall of silence that imprisons the iraqi population. During 
further encounters with iraqi soldiers, scientists or artists, their gaze crosses ours in regard to 
the proclaimed will to liberate the Iraqis.

At a time when George Bush, the son, prepares to complete the work of his father, it seems 
essential to us to understand what kind of war is being waged : following the Gulf war, which we 
believed had been won, the war which continues in more subtle terms with the embargo, and the new 
war, the reasons for which have not been given even if it has already been scheduled.

This film takes as its starting point the european or westerner perspective of the conflict, and 
then seeks to encompass the perception of the iraqis, the official account of the regime and above 
all the viewpoint of the ordinary citizen as of representatives of communities traditionnaly 
opposed to Saddam Hussein (such as the Catholics, the Shiites, the Jews...).

- you can buy the movie now. VHS PAL video tape's price :
15 Euros for European Union and 25 Euros outside EU.
in any case transport included.

- write your name and address on a free paper. send it with a cheque to CLAP36, 3 Bd Berthier, 
75017 Paris, France.
for having more informations send questions to

- duration : 52 minutes - original version - subtitled in english

catalogue of films by the directors :

2000 :      Kosovo : des journalistes dans la guerre - ARTE et prix Europa
1999 :   Yougoslavie : cinq ans de guerre de l'information - La Cinquième
1997 :           Paul Ricoeur, entretiens - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
1996 :                     Voyage en Utopie, Chiapas - Festival "Autre Futur"

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