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[casi] response to Mark Parkinson's "discussion" with a pro-war poster

I don't normally post here, just read, because I'm in
the U.S. and understand that this is limited to issues
affecting the UK's stance.  But this seems the right
time to add to Mark's arguments with the person who
seems to have fallen for the "war-to-liberate-Iraqis"
line this:  CNN's Nic Robertson, on Sunday night from
Baghdad, affirmed that Saddam is passing out weapons
to the citizenry to help defend their country.  I
don't have an URL or a second confirmation, but this
does NOT seem a action done for people who consider
the U.S./UK their "liberators."  I saw this same thing
happen in the eighties in Nicaragua, when the media
touted the Sandinistas as U.S. enemies and proclaimed
the need to liberate the people.  U.S. citizens living
in Managua marched weekly around the U.S. embassy with
signs saying, "Please don't liberate us."

I know.  I was there and I too demonstrated at the
U.S. embassy, and I was later hassled by customs and,
most likely, the state department as well.  The lies
abounded back here and many still survive.  At any
rate, the Sandinistas passed out guns to people who
wanted them so that they could protect themselves in
the event of a U.S. invasion (which, aside from mining
their harbor, never occurred).

Of COURSE there are Iraqis outside the country who
support the invasion.  There are Cubans outside Cuba
who would support dropping a low level nuke on Castro.
 Lots of things going on wherever any issue is
involved.  But the people of Iraq, from every source I
can find, do NOT want to be "liberated"/killed.  It's
simply one more lie from the hawks here, all for their
own agendas.  What do these "let's-liberate-Iraqis"
people say about the number of Iraqis killed by the
sanctions?  Have the sanctions liberated ANYONE?

If I may (and won't again, especially if asked not
to), I'm including the URL for an article I wrote
yesterday, which gets to the point of governments vs.
their people.  At:

The sanctions and the direct killing that's upon us
are unspeakably evil, supported by lies.  But beneath
that is an even greater threat, world domination by
the people who put Bush into power.  I think Blair
just doesn't "get it."


"When I see flags sprouting on official lapels, I think of the time in China when I saw Mao's 
Little Red Book on every official's desk, omnipresent and
unread."  (Bill Moyers)

"The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."  (Shakespeare)

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