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RE: [casi] Hambastegi English 147: People of Iraq don't want war,

At 14:08 10/03/03, Chris.Williams wrote:
>[We are off-topic now, so this will have to be my last word in this

Hey Chris, What is this? A hit and run?

>Saibal wrote:
> >"But let's not forget that the Nato bombing caused
> >the Serbs to take revenge and deport the Albanians
> >in the first place."
>In the minds of some apologists for the Serbs, possibly.

If you are as genuinely interested in this issue as you appear to be and,
consequently, motivated to persuade others as to your viewpoint, I would
suggest that describing them as Serb "apologists" is unlikely to further
your aims.

>In fact the unprovoked (not 'revenge') attacks on Albanians, with the aim
>of driving
>them out of Kosava, had been going on for years. I was involved in Workers
>Aid for Kosova at the time, and I can provide you chapter and verse about
>this if you want. After NATO began the war, the Serbian government
>intensified and systematised this oppression.

You really shouldn't pay too much heed to Jamie Shea.

Confining myself to online sources, let me point you in the direction of
Michael Parenti's submission to the Independent Commission of Enquiry's
"Hearing to Investigate US/NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia":

A more detailed version with footnotes can be found at:

Edward Herman has a good article about these events in his Fog Watch column
in the February issue of Z magazine. A more complete version can be found
in February's Monthly Review, also available online at:

If you are interested in looking further afield you could do a lot worse
than the book that Herman refers to:

Fool's Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Illusions
by Diana Johnstone.
Pluto Press, 2002.

You may, of course, choose to dismiss these people and their articles as
further examples of Serb apologia. If you choose to follow that route we
are both wasting our time.

It's important to know what went on. Things don't happen in a vacuum.
However, attempting to stop the current abomination should be our priority.

If you wish to revisit this topic after the war I will try to accomodate you.


>Chris Williams

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