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Re: [casi] ... And why I will not

I'm not sure that this warrants a reply as it seems to be more of the
same propaganda so readily aired by our media.

> I am so frustrated by the appalling views of most of the British
> people, media and politicians. I want to say to all these people who
> are against the possible war, that if you think by doing so you are
> serving the interests of Iraqi people or saving them, you are not. You
> are effectively saving Saddam. You are depriving the Iraqi people of
> probably their last real chance get rid of him and to get out of this
> dark era in their history.

Before the Gulf War: excellent health care, education etc.

After the Gulf War: devastated economy, health care, education etc.
Children and the elderly dying everywhere. Repression.

Do you really believe that the US/UK care about the Iraqi people and
are going to war for them? Do you not believe the dire warnings from
the UN and relief agencies about the possible effects of a war on
Iraqi civilians?

> But where were you when thousands
> of Iraqi people were killed by Saddam's forces at the end of the Gulf
> war to crush the uprising?

What, didn't the US/UK kill any Iraqis at all?

> Only now when the war is to reach Saddam
> has everybody become so concerned about the human life in Iraq.
> Where were you while Saddam has been killing thousands of Iraqis since
> the early 70s?

Trying to prevent our government supporting him fiancially and with
weapons and pretending that everything was ok with his rule.

> And where are you are now, given that every week he
> executes people through the "court of revolution", a summary secret
> court run by the secret security office. Most of its sentences are
> executions which Saddam himself signs.

Astonishing - not a single mention of sanctions!! Not only have these
US/UK sanctions killed more Iraqis than SH has done over his whole
rule but they have severely ruined the lives of the survivors. Arabs
in Jordan and throughout the region blame the US/UK and not SH for
this. So do the majority of Iraqis actually living in the country it

> I could argue one by one against your reasons for opposing this war.
> But just ask yourselves why, out of about 500,000 Iraqis in Britain,
> you will not find even 1,000 of them participating tomorrow? Your
> anti-war campaign has become mass hysteria and you are no longer able
> to see things properly. Locum consultant neurologist, London

Such arrogance! Who did the counting?

Mark Parkinson

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