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 I participated in the march in NYC of 1/2 million people and I met many Iraqi's participating in 
the protest against the war. How can one writer make generalizations about a group of people (in 
this case 1000 Iraqi's) living in England. Did they speak to all or many of these people.  To me 
those who generalize have been colonized  in their ways of thinking and I include those of  us born 
and living in the western worlds of USA and Britain.  I would ask that writer when was the last 
time they went to Iraq. And how does bombing men and women and children and grandfathers and 
grandmothers help liberate them. That makes no sense.  I don't think this war is just about oil or 
removing Saddam. History has proved that when the CIA wants to remove (even it's own citizens, like 
Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kennedy's ), it does it very well. Allende in Chile, etc. 
I think this war ,if it happens, will be about trying to colonize the Iraqi people. If you beat 
down people enough they will learn to obey and follow orders. That's why the nuclear bombs were 
used in Japan. Instill fear in peoples soul and you can control them.
        I personally can't stop this craziness of those  that want war, but I can not allow those 
who bring it to the world to control my thinking and they won't. Peace

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