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Re: [casi] FW: Galloway Ranaway

I did look, but was unable to confirm the claim that
the message was forwarded. Only the title said
When one forwards a message, there are also rules to
it. Usually the origin is mentioned, and if it is from
a web page, the URL is listed. Otherwise, for all we
know, this could have been written by Sama Hadad

And because we do not know who the original author of
that message is, we can not even judge the
authenticity or honesty of the message... Perhaps
George Galloway did not want to debate with certain
"British and American Iraqis"; especially those who
started last Autumn to establish opposition groups and
organizations.. The timing seems suspicious, coming
after money started flowing again from the CIA...

Bintilhuda was the sister of Mohammed Baqir as-Sadr,
executed before Sama Hadad was even born... I know
what happened very well, better than Sama knows..
However, there is no need to use the name of another
person as an ID, when one is using her real name in
the message. The intention is seemingly to attach
oneself to a martyr, thus giving one more credit, and
that is misleading to say the least.

If you are looking for martyrdom and changing the
regime, take your whole group (Alaskary, Al-Hussaini
and Shames) and go and fight with the British Army and
die for your cause, if you honestly believe in it.
That is what Bintilhuda did... Otherwise don't sit in
the comforts of your homes and universities in the UK
and preach us about using force to overthrow the
regime and criticize those who oppose it. Instead of
petitioning Blair to send his army to destroy the
country where you were born, petition him to take you
as fighters.. Then, I will be the first one to support
you.. Virtue starts at home, and if you are not
prepared to die for your cause, neither should

I am familiar with Ba'thists, and have suffered from
their rule.. But Sama Hadad is not... All the
information she has is second hand, while mine are
first hand, gained through experience and from living
in Iraq among Iraqis for more years than she has so
far lived.. But I will never call on a foreign power
to go destroy my country.. That is the worst kind of

I have also suffered from the time when, in the late
1950s and early 1960s, members of al-Hakim family and
other prominent Shi'is were communists.. when Iraqis
were imprisoned and tortured simply because they
believed in Arab nationalism and Arab unity.. the same
al-Hakims who have now mysteriously become humanists
and call for democracy.
One simple example: in the early 1960s, a group of
Shi'i arab nationalists went to ask Sayyed Muhsin
al-Hakim (the father of Baqir)to declare communists
anti-Islam and to give his support to Arab
nationalists. He adamantly refused. Reason: his
relatives and grandsons were communists; his strongest
following was among non-Arabs.. Ask Iraqis in the UK,
and they would tell you that the way the Communist
party recruited simple people was by telling them that
Shiu'i (Communist) meant Shi'i..
Are we to accept "proportional democracy in Iraq"
based on sectarian divisions, where Iraq would be led
by al-Hakims and Chalabis; those same people who keep
changing color and work for the CIA??

And why is opposition to war always associated with
support for Ba'th and Saddam? Would Sama have the
courage to tell this group that the Da'wa party, the
real inheritors of Baqir as-Sadr's thought and
philosophy, is strongly anti-war? Would she tell us
how followers of Sayyed Hussein as-Sadr in Iran (who
was killed in Iraq a few years ago)accused Baqir
al-Hakim of being behind the assassination? Would she
care to tell us that another Shi'i oppostion group,
the Islamic Revoluition Mujahideen also opposes war??
Are all of those bad people and supporters of Ba'th
because they do not conform to orders from Washington
and London?

But Sama failed to address the main issues of my
message and instead concentrated on the irrelevant
issues. Not that I expected any answer...


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